See the Raven's Tale and other paintings in the Spirit project. Canvas prints available.

Getting the spirit in motion through creation and education; integrating the eternal human vision with the present moment; promoting enjoyment, reflection and growth: these are the purpose of Blue Raven Studio.

Artistic expression, Yoga, eclectic curiosity, and a holistic approach to teaching bring body and spirit together in classes and camps designed for all ages, from pre-school on.

Custom projects, from illustrations to commissioned paintings to murals and business-space design include such things as the recent redo of the Blue Hole Yoga Studio.

Attractive canvas prints, as well as greeting cards, based on completed works, are available in several sizes.

The above links offer a sample of work past and present.  Contact me to pursue your own artistic  expression through my work or your own.  View the possibilities of my current work for your enjoyment and needs, or commission the project of your dreams.

See the custom work being done for Yoga at Blue Hole, in Wimberley, Texas

My classes and camps integrate hatha yoga with artistic instruction and coaching. I believe this enrichment helps demonstrate the link between spirituality and creativity and increases the energy flowing to self-awareness. My summer camps are conducted for all ages, but have a particular emphasis for younger students from preschool on.

Last summer we offered a series of Move Mindfully Yoga Camps that filled up fast, and were highly popular and successful. We will be announcing something similar soon, so don't miss the chance to reserve a spot.

Contact me to order prints, explore custom projects or find out about upcoming classes and camps:

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